Employer Branding – The Secret to Attracting Job Applicants

It's the key to finding and retaining employees in today's hotly contested labor market. IBM uses it. So does L'Oreal, Deloitte, American Express, Starbucks, Research in Motion and Intel. Quite simply, people want to work for them. But why? What is their secret?

Employer Branding. It's the way they sell themselves – not their products – to potential employees. It's the way they communicate to job seekers all of the perks and benefits of becoming an employee. It's the way they position themselves as an "Employer of Choice" – the first company that springs to mind when somebody thinks of working in that industry.

But Employer Branding is not just for the giant multi-national corporations. Any company can take advantage of it – big or small. And now, more than ever, Employer Branding is necessary for all companies to attract and retain the employees that are needed for success.

Selling the Company – Not its Products

In short, Employer Branding answers one simple question – why should someone work for a certain company instead of any other company? How can a company differentiate itself from its peers and attract new employees? It's quite simple, actually. Employer Branding is all about marketing an entire company as though it were a product. However, instead of selling computers or cappuccinos, the product that is being pitched to the consumer is the people and employee experience that can be found at that company.

Much like a company markets its products as being the best, it must market itself – its goals, values ​​and attitudes – as being the best choice for potential employees. People do not want the hard sell. They do not want brochures and statistics and numbers. They want to know what it really feels like to work for a company. A strong Employer Brand, which carefully captures the essence of a company and projects this message to potential employees, can successfully attract the right applicants and keep them there for the long run. After all, people would much rather work for a company with an excellent reputation over a company with a poor reputation – even if they were offered a higher salary.

Follow the Leaders

An Employer Brand is just like any other brand. Just the product is different. Companies should borrow from the successful marketing techniques used by the world's largest Consumer Brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and GAP. Most often, it is the use of emotional drivers, rather than rational drivers, that attract people to these brands. If people can connect to a company emotionally, they'll be more inclined to work there.

One of the more notable leaders in Employer Branding is L'Oreal. Its Careers website outlines in great detail how to get involved with the company and exactly what it's like to work for them. Their message is geared to a specific audience – university students and recent graduates – and contains video testimonials, detailed job descriptions and in-depth profiles of several L'Oreal employees. These profiles provide a rundown of that person's daily work, their achievements and how their career has or will advance at L'Oreal. To a young job seeker, this information is exactly what they are looking for.

By providing what their target audience wants, and introducing it in an upbeat manner using the latest web design technology, L'Oreal knows exactly who they want to hire and is focusing their recruitment efforts to achieve these goals.

Recruiting a Relationship

Recruiting is all about forming a relationship, rather than completing a transaction. The message a company sends out to potential employees about its goals and experiences must be consistent with the real thing. If a new recruit receives exactly what was promised to them, it will serve to strengthen that Employer Brand, which will in turn attract even more candidates and retain the employees already on-staff.

The days of the hard pitch are gone. Companies must learn to rethink the way they reach their target audience. To succeed in today's market, it is cruel for companies to take a long, hard look at what makes them tick – the goals and experiences that make them unique – and to present that story to the public through the eyes of its own employees. In the age of Employer Branding, the slick, polished pitchman needs not apply.

How to Plan a Luxury Cruise Vacation

A luxury cruise vacation is something most of us dream about. Sailing the ocean under sunny skies, our every want and need anticipated by attentive staff, food and wine everywhere we look, not a worry in the world. Well, what's keeping you?

Three-quarters of the earth is covered by water. What better way to explore our planet than in style on a cruise ship? Today's luxury cruises run the gamut from small vessels that carry 8 or 10 passengers to giant ocean liners with every amenity you could imagine, and a few you could not.

If you want a smaller, more intimate luxury cruise, look into small-ship luxury cruises. These all feature the service you would expect at a 5-star resort. You'll use fine china for dining, eat outstanding cuisine prepared by highly-trained chefs, and enjoy a selection of activities and destinations.

The smallest luxury cruises are actually aboard chartered yachts, and you can have the ship all to yourself – or your group. Ships that sleep 34, 42, up to 80 can be chartered to travel at your whim.

However, there are several cruise lines that specialize in small-ship luxury cruises. Regent Seven Seas features four different luxury ships: the Seven Seas Voyager, Seven Seas Mariner, Seven Seas Navigator and the Paul Gauguin. The Seven Seas Mariner was the first all-suite, all-balcony cruise ship in the world and was such a hit she was quickly followed by the Voyager. Both the Voyager and the Mariner sleep up to 700 guests, while the Navigator can accommodate up to 490 travelers and the Paul Gauguin can travel with 330 guests.

Crystal and Cunard are two other cruise lines well-known for providing luxury on cruise vacations. Crystal's luxury liner the Crystal Serenity can accommodate 1,080 guests and typically sails in Europe and the South Pacific. However, she's scheduled for an around-the-world tour departing from Los Angeles in January of 2008 and arriving in Southampton, England, 110 days later.

Cunard Cruise Line was founded in Britain in 1838 and has been sailing successfully since then. They are well-known for both safety and luxury. Currently, the Cunard Line sails three luxury liners, the world-renamed Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2), the Queen Victoria, and the Queen Mary 2.

The immortal QE2 is 963 feet in length and can cruise with up to 1,778 guests aboard. She has logged 5.5 million nautical miles, carried over 2 million guests, and is still the fastest merchant ship in operation. Definitely one of a kind!

The Queen Mary 2 is one of the most magnificent ocean liners of all time. At 1,132 feet she can sail with up to 3,056 passengers in full luxury. Billed as "your sanctuary at sea", the accommodations and dining are first-rate. A luxurious ballroom, planetarium, and sports decks will all keep you occupied. The spa will relax you when you're all done.

Launching in December 2007, Cunard's Queen Victoria will sail her maiden voyage to New York. At 964.5 feet, she'll accommodate 1,980 passengers on 12 decks with typical Cunard service and cuisine.

There are many, many choices for luxury cruise vacations, but no matter which ship, line, or destination you choose, you'll remember that cruise for the rest of your life.

A Guide To Motorcycle Helmets

If you have a motorbike or are considering buying one, then a motorcycle helmet is an absolute necessity. Indeed, in many parts of the world, it is a legal obligation to buy one.

Walking into a motorcycle accessories stockist, you may be confused by the range of helmets on offer. Fortunately, things are not quite so daunting as they first seem.

Let's take a closer look at the four main different types of motorbike helmets that are available.

The first is the full face helmet, which is ideal for those who want to feel better protected. These helmets provide full cover for your face, including a hinged visor.

As a result, a full face helmet is perfect for providing protection from the elements. It also offers greater protection that some other alternatives in case of an accident.

An open face motorbike helmet, by contrast, offers a lower degree of protection. You'll find that it does not have any protection for your chin.

It's generally worn with goggles or a visor, depending on the preference of the rider. Given that it leaves the rider feeling more exposed, it tends to be preferred by those looking for more freedom in their riding experience.

A compromise between protection and exposure is provided by flip up helmets. These will also allow you to talk to other people more easily, while still wearing your helmet.

Finally, you'll find that there are a range of off road helmets. These are aimed at those wishing to take place in motocross and other such sports.

If you've ever tried to ride in such an event then you'll know the importance of keeping all of that mud and grit away from your face!

The four types of helmet listed above are all available for purchase within the UK.

Learn Useful Tips When Selecting Groomsmen Gifts

Your wedding is fast-approaching and you still have not bought wedding gifts for your groomsmen. Ideally, if you want to get the best items, you have to buy ahead – at least two months ahead of the scheduled wedding. But if time does not permit, then you have no choice but to buy something. Do not worry, there are a lot of best groomsmen gift ideas that you can get especially if time is of the essence.

Here are some useful tips which you can follow when shopping for a special something for your groomsmen.

Pre-wedding preparation:

Most couples know how hard it is for them to actually bring to life the wedding of a lifetime. Preparations are usually done a year ahead of the scheduled wedding. Everything has to be perfect – the wedding gowns, the groom's tuxedo as well as the bridesmaids and the groomsmen's outfits. There is the thousand-dollar venue and caterer, the hotel and the expert wedding planners who will be in charge of all the smallest details. The couple already hired a professional photographer to document this unforgettable moment in their lives.

Perhaps one of the most important things a couple has to consider is shopping for their groomsmen and bridesmaids' wedding gift as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. They want to come up with the best gift ideas for their groomsmen and bridesmaids without having to use cramming tactics.

Do you have the budget for it?

The best groomsmen gift ideas do not have to be expensive. If money matters are not a concern, you can buy a classy watch or a one of a kind techie gadget. These are expensive items that are guaranteed great presents.

I know that the money you have been saving all these years are devoted to the most expensive hotels, catering services, photography expenses etc. I assume only part of your finances will be going to the wedding gifts. If you do not have a thousand budget for your groomsmen, you can opt for hundred dollar gifts. If this still is not right for the budget, you can still find cheap 20 to 75-dollar items that are still best gift ideas for your groomsmen.

If you are on a budget, there are under 20 dollars gift items which you can buy while online or offline. Items such as hip flasks, multi-purpose army knives, single-bladed knives, pens are perfect if money is a big issue.

However, you should keep in mind that if you buy these cheap items, you still have to put a little punk on it. Personalization is the perfect idea for this. You can have their names or initials engraved on that 20-dollar pen. That's easy right?

If, for example, you still do not want to settle for something which is generic, what you want to do is to get to know your groomsman's personality first. This way you'll get to choose something more individualized, something really special for him.

Individualized or personalized items such as sports bag are good for your sporty friends, suitcases, pens and toiletry kits for your business-minded groomsmen and camping-related items such as personalized flashlights, portable stainless steel thermos, and camping gears are best for outdoor enthusiasts.

Best groomsmen gift ideas for different personalities:

If your groomsman is a sports fanatic, then basketball, football, pool sticks or swimming goggles are perfect gift items. If you are thinking of giving them clothing items, make sure that they fit really well on them. If your best bud is more of an outdoor enthusiast, then you could go for personalized backpacks, trekking shoes, lighters, flashlights.